LifeStar provides medical transportation at the Basic Life Support level for Forsyth County.  All of our units are equipped for EMT - Expanded Scope care and carry AED's, Blind Insertion Airway Devices, Epi pens Glucometers and a few medications.  We have two units that are dedicated to Forsyth Emergency Services that handles calls from their 911 Center that do not require Advance Life Support.  The remainder of our fleet is used for inter-facility transports of bed ridden patients as well as other medically necessary transports.  These transports can originate in Forsyth County with any destination or they can start anywhere and end in Forsyth County.  Long distance transports are also offered.  We pride ourselves in providing on-time, high quality care for each and every patient we transport.  We treat each patient and their families as if they were a part of our own family.














Impeccable service and professionalism will serve as our beacon as we change the face of the private ambulance service industry in the Triad region of North Carolina.