10/30/2013 -  Please take our online online survey.


10/1/2013 - We now have our Notice of Privacy Practices available on the website.  Click the link to download it.

1/1/2013 - LifeStar will now be logging most of our news items on facebook.   Facebook   Like us there! 


12/9/2012 - LifeStar participates in Lewisville Christmas Parade.






11/30/2012 - LifeStar 15 goes into service.  This is our first Sprinter added to the fleet.


11/14/2012 - LifeStar takes Jessica and Kimani to school. Jessica's parents were the highest bidder for the Clemmons Elementary silent auction fund raiser. 



10/1/2012 - LifeStar Emergency Services celebrates being in business 3 successful years. On this date in 2009, we began operations at 07:00 hrs with R. Foster dispatching, the Kiestlers on LS1, C. Hubbard and J. Saunders on LS2, C. Creasman and M. King on LS3. David Kivett was running Operations and Travis Dalton was busy managing Logistics.

Today, we employ 90 medical and communication professionals and operate 15 ambulances to serve our community of medical facilities and their patients.  Congratulations LifeStar employees for helping build an awesome service.


9/23/2012 - LifeStar joins  Facebook   Like us there! 


7/9/2012 - LifeStar will hold a Job Fair on 7/24/2012 and 7/26/2012 from 9am to 11am at 3475 Myer Lee Drive in Winston-Salem. Initial interviews will be held on-sight.


6/19/2012 - LifeStar teams up with Office of Emergency Management, FCEMS, NuCare, WSFD and the Lutheran Home to move 100 patients to the new Trinity Glen Home. Move was conducted as a simulated evacuation drill utilizing the Incident Command System to provide training on FCEMS Bus 1.


6/12/2012 - Con Ed followed by FCEMS Bus Ambulance training.




5/7/2012 - LifeStar conducts Compliance Training this week.


5/5/2012 - LifeStar wears Susan G Komen shirts and enters team in race.


4/10/2012 - LifeStar offers our first internal EMT Con Ed in our training center.


3/3/2012 - LifeStar moves from Broad Street to 3475 Myer Lee Dr near Linville Rd at Bus 40.


1/16/2012 - LifeStar moves into substation on Hawthorne Rd.


12/16/2011 - LifeStar takes Braden, Evan and Quinn to school.  Evan's parents were the highest bidder for a local elementary school's silent auction fund raiser.




12/11/2011 - LifeStar participates in Lewisville Christmas Parade.



12/9/2011 - LifeStar is outgrowing our space.  The search is on for a new location within Forsyth County.


12/5/2011 - LifeStar adds another unit to the fleet. 


11/1/2011 - LifeStar is now accepting applications for Dispatcher in Forsyth County.  See Careers page to download application.


8/18/2011 - LifeStar adds two more units to fleet. 


5/2/2011 - LifeStar supports Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure by issuing duty shirts with pink logos to be worn for the week. 


3/24/2011 - LifeStar adds two more units to fleet. 


2/14/2011 - LifeStar adds second 911 truck to rotation.


11/19/2010 - LifeStar  adds ninth unit to fleet. 


11/15/2010 - LifeStar partnered with a Heritage Productions to provide medical standby during the filming of The Shunning, a movie directed by Michael Landon, Jr. and filmed in Winston-Salem during the month of November.  The movie is targeted to be shown on the Hallmark channel.


10/27/2010 - LifeStar adds eighth unit to fleet. 


10/1/2010 - LifeStar celebrates 1 full year of service.


9/8/2010 - LifeStar expands service to 24/7.  We are able to handle 911 as well as convalescent transports at any time of the day or night, any day of the week.


7/15/2010 - LifeStar adds seventh unit to fleet. 


6/6/2010 - LifeStar receives some press coverage from the Winston-Salem Journal.


5/12/2010 - LifeStar participates with FCEMS in Shooting Drill at WSSU.


5/6/2010 - LifeStar hires 40th employee. Welcome J. Caudle.


5/1/2010 - LifeStar enters team of 20 in Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure.


4/28/2010 - LifeStar passes ramp inspections at Forsyth Medical Center with flying colors.


4/7/2010 - LifeStar participates in National Disaster Drill at WSSU. We transported 5 patients to NC Baptist Hospital as part of this drill.


3/5/2010 - LifeStar adds two more ambulances to fleet. LifeStar 5 and 6 were inspected and added into the fleet. These are Ford Type II ambulances built by AEV.


2/23/2010 - EMS Source returns to continue documentation training. Second round of training for new employees.


2/10/2010 - LifeStar adds GPS Tracking and Dispatching to all ambulances. Software allows dispatcher to send destination to the Garmin and eliminates the need for drivers to enter the address themselves.


1/12/2010 - LifeStar hires 30th employee. Welcome D. Murphy.


1/8/2010 - LifeStar enters into contract with KBR Hospice in Forsyth County.


1/6/2010 - LifeStar crews made our first long distance run with a 600+ mile trip to Connecticut to transport a patient to Salem Towne. Lots of snow along the way.


11/12/2009 - LifeStar adds fourth ambulance to fleet with purchase of a 2005 Chevrolet Duramax Type I Horton.


10/22/2009 - LifeStar makes first transport out of state to Stuart, Virginia. We are expanding our coverage and it is very common to make runs toward Charlotte, Asheville, Roanoke and Raleigh.


10/15/2009 - After two weeks of operations, LifeStar is excited to offer weekend convalescent coverage.  This move makes us a 7 day/week full scale operation.  This move is a result of monitoring the requests from the various facilities that we serve and being able to respond to their needs.



10/1/2009 - LifeStar begins operations!  LifeStar opened for business on October 1st and had an outstanding first day.  Lots of excitement in the air as we answered our first call at 9:27 am.  First crew was S. Brooks and T. Kiestler.  LifeStar dispatcher was Robert Foster.  The first of many to come!



9/25/2009 - LifeStar employees have full day of orientation training.  All employees were split over a two day training session that included documentation, HIPAA compliance, AED training, Blood Borne Pathogens, review of SOG's, ambulance and equipment training.



9/15/2009 - LifeStar gains approval as Medicare/Medicaid provider.  This is a huge hurdle to clear to be able to begin operations.  Startup date is set for 10/1/2009.



9/1/2009 - NCOEMS has inspected all LifeStar transport units.



7/14/2009 - LifeStar Emergency Services can now be reached at 336-722-LIFE.



7/10/2009 - LifeStar Emergency Services to base Forsyth County operations at 325 N. Broad Street in Winston-Salem.  This location is at the corner of 4th and Broad near Business 40 and Hwy 52.



6/22/2009 - The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on 6/22/2009 to award an Ambulance Franchise to LifeStar Emergency Services, LLC. Anticipated operational startup date will be in the fall of 2009.  For more information, please see the Winston-Salem Journal article from 6/9/2009.